Our lectures will start in a view weeks. These are the dates, times, and rooms of first meetings:

  • Betriebssysteme: April 24th, 11:00, room 3108 (Prof. Dr. L. Köhler)
  • WPF Verteilte Systeme (Bachelor): April 25th, 15:00, room 1.242 (Prof. Dr. L. Köhler)
  • WPF Musikinformatik (Bachelor): April 26th, 14:00, room 1.242 (Prof. Dr. L. Köhler)
  • Architektur verteilter Systeme (Master): April 25th, 13:00, room 1.242 (Prof. Dr. L. Köhler)

We are looking forward to working with you on those topics!

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