Proposal for Student Project

Prototyping is a strong method for designing new software interfaces. However, most current tools (like Axure) only focus on single-device applications. This makes it hard to prototype the experience of connected applications (like a remote control app for a TV). The goal of this topics is to develop a framework for this purpose.

Deliverables will be an analysis of requirements given a target group of non-programmers (like designers), an architecture supporting multi-device interaction (e.g. smartphone, tv, smartwatch), an application for building prototypes following an end-user programming approach, and some prototypes using the framework for proving its concept. It will be possible to think about the big picture as well as focussing on single aspects of this topic.

This is a topic for a student project (thesis, project, just for fun).


Related fields: prototyping, distributed systems, web technologies.

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