Proposal for Student Project

The Internet of Things is a growing field with strong demand for elaboration of new use cases. Currently, it requires experts to prototype applications for new use cases leveraging Internet connected sensors, embedded computing and mobile devices. The goal of this topics is to develop a framework for prototyping applications for the Internet of Things.

Deliverables will be an analysis of requirements given a target group of non-programmers (like designers), an architecture supporting IoT applications, an frontend for building prototypes following an end-user programming approach (e.g. based on Node-RED) and some prototypes using the framework for proving its concept. It will be possible to think about the big picture as well as focussing on single aspects of this topic.

Related fields: end-user programming, distributed systems, Internet of Things.

This is a topic for a student project (thesis, project, just for fun). Please get in touch with me if you are interested in this topic or if you have any questions.

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