The amount of everyday objects augmented with computing technology is rapidly increasing. This allows to provide or use services of objects through the Internet, for instance controlling a device like a coffee machine or measuring the usage of a vending machine. Due to the growing relevance of the IoT in various domains we are offering a module dealing with its technologies (like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, MQTT, Node-Red, Johnny Five). In this WPF you will learn about the basics and the relevance of the IoT. During this project-oriented class you will learn how to connect non-computing devices to the Internet following an approach of brainstorming an idea, designing a system and prototyping a product.




  • This WPF is available for bachelor AI/ITM/MI/TI/WI
  • You can apply for this WPF module through HoPS soon.
  • The course will be on German, most materials will be on English.
  • The kick off meeting will be on Oct 17th, 10 am.


  • will be available soon
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