During one of our sessions of WPF Mobile Computing we had external experts who joined our class. First they both gave insights into their daily work as developers of mobile and interactive software. Next they talked about specific topics of mobile computing. Afterwards our students presented the current version of their apps.

Expert Talks

2016-06-14 expert talks moco 2

Fabian Bützow of ART+COM presented some interactive exhibits and talked about developing with React Native. His resources are available via the following links:

2016-06-14 expert talks moco 3

Lyubomir Ganev of Jochen Schweizer talked about different approaches to Android app architecture, app testing and gave some interesting insights in speeding up app development by better knowing the Android Studio IDE. You can find all keyboard shortcuts in his presentation and additional information on following websites:

Poster Presentations

2016-06-14 posters moco

Afterwards students presented the current version of the own their app development projects. They prepared posters and demos showing the functionality as well as app architecture. All apps are available as alpha versions on Google Play:

You can also find the source code of these apps on github:

Please let us know if you are interested in mobile computing for any projects and keep an eye on the courses we are offering.

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